Mini Program

What is a Mini-program?

Mini-program is an “App-in-App”enables users to use features from multiple platforms without downloading individual Apps.
Based on WeChat’s ecosystem, it is very similar to a native APP in term of its complexity, but user-friendly.
Once users scan the QR code, they can visit again any time without scanning.

Alipay followed WeChat by launching its own mini-program in 2018.

Example : Ksher Travel Mini Program

Travel Guideline Bangkok and Phuket for Chinese FITs

Introduction of destination with review and recommendation

Location Based Targeting 
: Shop information

Example : King Power E-Commerce

Example : King Power

Feature Platform

Product Description

Coupon Marketing

Brand’s other Product

Share to WeChat’s friends

Convenience Shopping Experience

Scan QR Code


Select pick up point

Process payment

Pick up