Provide a Seamless Payment Experience for Your Customers

Online payment gateway

Seamless payment experience on social media platforms

Link Pay allows merchants to accept payments without a website

Expanding Sales Channel

Merchants can now easily expand their sales channels to social and messaging.

Seamless Payment Experience

Customers no longer need to remember its payment details as the checkout page is fully integrated with various payment applications.

Comprehensive and Detail Backend System

able to track and see eveny payment link and settlement, through the user friendly backend syslem.

Increase sales on Facebook with automatic order management system
Helps keep customers' interests and decisions uninterrupted.
Simplify and manage orders automatically with order keywords.
Backend system covers both creating promotions and products in stock.
Notify the shop when customers pay successfully and automatically issue online receipts.


Innovative in-store solutions to improve customers’ shopping experience
QR Code

QR code label is a low cost solution that is suitable for smaller businesses as minimal or no integration is required.

  • Machines that allow you to
  • Collect money
  • Check balance
  • Refund
  • Print the daily bill summary
Ksher boss Pro

An application that allow merchants to collect payments through different types of e-wallets and methods.

  • Real-time notification

    Receive payment notification in real-time, once customer paid the order.

  • Settlement information

    Able to check settlement details on Ksher Boss Pro directly.

  • Separate cashier account

    Create an account for each cashier. Only main account can check all transaction.

  • Available for social commerce

    Create LinkPay via Ksher Boss Pro, then send the link to client on any social media to collect money.

Customize your payment system

Mobile web /H5

Automatic service machine


Integrate to an existing front system

Developer and IT friendly


Our API code is clearly designed with simplicity which is suitable for programmers.


The SDK includes tools in one package, such as Libraries, code samples, how-to codes, and instructions. Making integration easy.

Merchant platform

Managing the account and the overview is no longer difficult.
Sales insights

Easier for you to track and verify transactions. You can check the overview or the insights. Such as historical transactions, and settlement balance.

Account reconciliation and verification

The system can save all data in the form of reconciliation history. Able to handle all types of transactions all account types

Refund system
  • We offer a variety of refund settings.

  • Refunds:Transfer the paid money from your merchant account to your client's account.

  • Void:Cancel the transfer of funds from the customer to you prior to the transaction.

  • Some parts of the refund are void. :Refund only part of the money received to the customer.