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Connect and boost your business

Ksher is a licensed payment company with decade‘s experience in finance and IT industry, with our bank-level PCI-DSS security remittance system and user-friendly merchat portal. Business owners can accept    e-wallet payment made by Chinese tourists through Alipay&WeChat, and also payment made by Thai customers through True Money & Prompt Pay. All of these popular wallets’ users base and benefits , you can get from one simple step: sign up now with Ksher, it only takes 5 minutes!

Total Solutions

Ksher provide both online and offline solution to our merchants. No matter your are SME or big corporation, local restaurant or online shops, we have just the right solution for you. We can offer simple as static QR code to small shops, or EDC scanner for some retail business need to print receipts, or POS integration if you are a supermarket or mall. Even you are a website or mobile application that requires more complicated API, we can handle that. And through our mobile application Ksher Boss and Merchant Platform portal, multi-cashiers and franchise can be easily managed through central account anytime and anywhere.

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Fully Support

We provided training before you started, and respond 24/7 during the whole usage Occasionally, Ksher also select merchant to join wallet’s promotion and support subsidized campaign



Your Reliable Partner

Ksher have obtain payment licenses in different countries including China, Thailand, Malaysia, UK, etc., we have been performed our payment services under bank-level security standards: Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard(PCI-DSS), which ensured Ksher reached the highest WeChat Pay transaction volume in southeast Asia of 2018. As a compliment, Ksher received the Exllence Service Awards in year 2018.

WeChat Excellent Award 2018


PCI DSS Certificate

License from B.O.T.

Brands trust us

Why Choose us?

Hardware free of charge :

Ksher provide suitable hardware to match your business without additional charges

Low transaction fee :

Ksher provide a competetive MDR compare to other services provider

Easy and Fast :

Sign up online with only 5 minutes,  receive payment services 2-3 working days after


Security Guarantee :

Licensed payment provider with Bank Guarantee and Accredations


Promotion Support :

All year around campaign and promotion activities subsidized support


Grow your business :

Connect your business to billions e-wallet users and free of change/exchange risks

How to register?

Prepare Documents

For Corporate (นิติบุคคล)

1. Front store picture 
2. The company registration
document(DBD stamped) not
more than 6 months 
3. A copy of ID card of the authorized
director according to the company’s affidavit 
4. VAT registration ( if any) 
5. Copy of company book bank 

For Individual (บุคคลธรรมดา)

1. Front store picture 
2. Copy of the applicant’s house
registration or lease agreement 
3. Copy of the ID card 
4. Copy of the bank account
5. Photo of you with front side passport

Register online by yourself

Or contact us 



  • How long it takes for registration ?

– 2-3 working days

  • Any register fees?

– It’s free!

  • How should I know if it is successfully register?

When you fill and submit all the information needed, there will be a Thank you page pop up and then you’ve complete the register process.

  • How can I start to use payment service after register?

When system finished the audit, we will send you a confirmation with QR code and back-end account to you through the email you used for register

In the email, we will show you how to use the payment service, and make and appiontment with you for a by-phone training. However, you can request for face-to-face training by replying the mail among other special request as well.

If you didn’t receive confirmation after 3 days of registration, please check your trash mail or contact us at: 02-150-0508