About Us


Ksher endeavor to be the
biggest aggregator of
e-wallet in the world


Make e-wallet borderless,
leading to cashless societies

Our Story

DSPREAD established


  DSPREAD Founder team established


 Ksher, and set up 1st  oversea   headquarter in Bangkok, Thailand

 Ksher collaborated with King Power         to initial its cross-boarder payment     services in Thailand



Ksher expand its overseas business        to 4 countries in Southeast Asia 



Ksher acquired payment licenses in different countries and increase it business scope to    9 countries including: Thailand, Singapore,  Malaysia, Japan, Russia, UAE, UK, France, and Canada

Ksher received millions of USD investments from Sequoia

Ksher won WeChat Pay Excellence Services Awards

Ksher reached highest transaction volume      in SEA*


Ksher launched domestic payment services in Japan and Thailand, enlarge  its e-wallet  aggregation business scale  to local business

Ksher is still evolving…