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About Us


Ksher endeavor to be the biggest aggregator of e-wallet in the world


Make e-wallet borderless, leading to cashless societies

Our Story

  • 2009, DSPREAD established
  • 2015, DSPREAD IPO
  • 2016, DSPREAD Founder team established Ksher, and set up 1st oversea headquarter in Bangkok, Thailand
  • 2016, Ksher collaborated with King Power to initial its cross-boarder payment services in Thailand
  • 2017, Ksher expand its overseas business to 4 countries in Southeast Asia,
  • 2018, Ksher acquired payment licenses in different countries and increase it business scope to 9 countries including: Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Russia, UAE, UK, France, and Canada
  • 2018, Ksher received millions of USD investments from Sequoia
  • 2018, Ksher won WeChat Pay Excellence Services Awards
  • 2018, Ksher reached highest transaction volume in SEA*
  • 2019, Ksher launched domestic payment services in Japan and Thailand, enlarge its e-wallet aggregation business scale to local business
  • 2019, Ksher is still evolving…

Remark: *Data from WeChat Pay