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QR code


Ksher Boss

POS integration

Web Pay

Mobile App Pay

Static QR code-All in one QR

Consumers scan QR code to enter the due amount

After the successful payment, payment notification would be sent to the cashier’s phone

After the successful payment, payment details would be recorded on back-end

*Suitable for small shop

EDC machine (C scan B/ B scan C)

Ksher Boss (App)

POS integration

Ksher provide API docs for integration

Integrate with existed cashier system(with or without scanner)

Make Collection Normally

*Suitable for Department store, Franchise Chain Store, Central Cashier

Web Pay Dynamic QR

Generate a Pre-paid order Select WeChat Pay

Generate dynamic QR code

Scan and input password

*Suitable for PC Website , E-commerce, Online Booking System

API Integration for Mobile App Integration

No need to scan, click link to payment
*Suitable for E-commerce, Online Booking System